This is the google photo album from the trip.  

I use Rever ( for planning Motorcycle Routes.  This application feature Butler Motorcycle Maps, BDR Routes, RoadRUNNER, and other Motorcycle Route sources to discover routes.  Within Rever (a userid is required), you are able to see planned routes as well as the actual tracked routes from my rides.   The Google Map featured on this page was created by exporting the tracking data from Rever and importing to Google (using the GPX full route format).  

Note:  I eliminated tracking points for some of the side trips and filled in a few gaps where I didn't have Rever actively tracking my route.  The GPX format is XML formatted data which can be combined and edited. 

The trip westbound was organized into several major theme: 

  • Atlanta to the Gulf Coast
  • The Great River Road 
  • The Ouachita and Ozark Mountain Ranges
  • Route 66
  • The Southwest