T-4 Weeks

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I’ve been shopping a bit in preparation for the trip. Not a lot that is critical, Moto-Skivees, point and shoot camera, replaced Sena headset, gloves, Mosko Moto bag. Also enjoying family time as Atlanta United competes for MLS championship.

Misty Fjords Floatplane

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I booked a floatplane tour for Misty Fjords early during our stay in Ketchikan.  A good trip is dependent on the weather.   Later as we toured Ketchikan. we found the airplane that we had flown in featured throughout town.  … Read More


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I took a slow start today in hopes the rain would dry out on the tent fly. Even hanging the fly out to dry didn’t finish drying. At 1:00, I headed into town. When I saw the four big ships, … Read More

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